Second URSSI Workshop in Chicago, IL (October 23-24, 2018)

Sandra Gesing, August 30, 2018

Second Research Software Sustainability Institute Workshop in Chicago, IL (October 23-24, 2018)


We are excited to announce the second workshop in the URSSI conceptualization which will take place October 23 and 24 in Chicago, IL. Similar to our first workshop in Berkeley, the event will be mostly participant driven. In addition to a few keynotes and lightning talks, the agenda will mostly be open discussions around topics suggested by participants prior to and during the meeting.

In this workshop, we want to:

  • Help attendees meet each other and understand their goals
  • Get answers for our survey and encourage further distribution of the survey
  • Talk about ethnographic studies
  • Present a set of topics that we think will be potential areas of work in a future institute
  • Identify a subset of these, plus additional topics that are potentially important to the community, to discuss further
  • Refine, merge, discard topics
  • Document the workshop’s results

We want to come out of this workshop with:

  • An informed and enthused set of attendees (including a group photo)
  • A list of candidate topics for an institute, some of which may be well-understood
  • Thoughts on institute roles - what could an institute do to address the topics?
  • Thoughts on institute organization - how could an institute be organized to do this?

We welcome participation from anyone interested in issues and challenges facing research software sustainability. Our goal is to host up to 90 participants, a size that will allow for dynamic discussions in small breakout groups. If you are keen to participate or have suggestions for us, please fill out our form as soon as possible. We will strive to accommodate as many participants as possible. We also have limited travel support for the meeting and ask that you contact us before September 17th if you require support. We will notify everyone by September 21st.

Anyone interested in research software sustainability who would like to see specific topics covered in a community-driven discussion can suggest them in our discussion forum.