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URSSI's mission is to improve the recognition , development, and use , of software for a more sustainable research enterprise.

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Applications now open for the 2024 URSSI Winter School in Research Software Engineering

Do you develop software for your research? Do you have some basic skills but desire more? If so, you might be interested in the upcoming URSSI Winter School in Research Software Engineering. Building off our pilot workshop held back in December 2019, we are hosting a 2.5-day workshop on research software engineering skills, to be held 3-5 January 2024 in Portland, Oregon. This is aimed at early-career researchers, including graduate students and postdocs, who are familiar with the basics such as the Unix shell, version control with Git, and Python programming, and would like to learn more about best practices for developing research software. → More

Diversity and inclusion in research software: Insights from an international workshop

The IEEE eScience conference in October 2023 served as the backdrop for an international participatory workshop convened by the URSSI Charting the Course project. This workshop in Cyprus facilitated a focused discussion about how to advance the field of research software. A previous blog article presented the part of this discussion that focused on career paths. Here, we delve into the second part of the discussion, which centered on diversity and inclusion in the research software field. → More

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Core URSSI Projects

As we get started on the institue, we have launched a series of core projects to improve the sustaniability of research software and the people who produce it.

Characterizing Research Software from NSF Awards

This EAGER project will investigate the development and maintenance of software produced in research projects funded by the National Science Foundation. The goals of this project are: 1 To understand what factors influence software sustainability by gathering data from grant-funded research projects; 2 To describe current models of sustainability planning and suggest potential new models that could increase the likelihood of achieving long-term software sustainability; and 3 To develop new …

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New School in Research Software Engineering

As part of a set of connected activities under the banner of the US Research Software Sustainability Institute, this grant funds an effort by Kyle Niemeyer, Associate Professor of mechanical engineering at Oregon State University, to develop and run four, weeklong “beyond introductory” winter/summer schools for researchers who want to deepen their software engineering skills. Beyond directly training researchers in sustainable software development, Niemeyer will develop, hone, and release a …

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Charting the Course: Policy and Planning for Sustainable Research Software

Welcome to “Charting the Course: Policy and Planning for Sustainable Research Software,” a Sloan Foundation-funded project dedicated to supporting the future of research software through evidence-informed policy work. This section will help you stay updated with our latest news, research, and community engagement activities.

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