Charting the Course: Policy and Planning for Sustainable Research Software

Policy Research

We’re gathering and analyzing data about existing practices and policies, examining why certain research software policy changes succeed or fail. Our findings will inform future policy strategies for sustainable research software. Check back here for updates and publications related to our findings.

Our project’s targeted outcomes extend beyond traditional academic outputs. We aim to effect tangible policy changes, informed by our research. The objective is to initiate policy shifts that make a real difference to the sustainability and impact of research software. Our approach ensures that we learn from past successes and failures, making our policy work evidence-informed and strategic.

Research Goals

The ultimate aim of our research is to contribute to a more sustainable and impactful future for research software. This goal informs the type of outcomes we aim to achieve and share.


We are committed to open and transparent communication of our outcomes. We will openly share all findings, not only in academic circles but also to the wider community. This is integral to our mission of fostering the sustainable software community.